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Cynch Propane Grill Tank Options

Order an exchange or spare tank so you always have propane when you need it most

Tank Exchange Tanks

Tank Exchange

A propane tank exchange is what you would order when you have a used grill tank, that you want to exchange for a fresh grill tank containing a net weight of 15lbs of propane (commonly referred to as a 20 lb propane cylinder). The price for an exchange tank is much lower since we take your used tanks with us. You can exchange any brand of grill tank if it is a standard grill-size tank. You choose the location… just give us instructions on where to access your used grill tank and we handle the rest.
Spare Tank

Spare Tank

A spare tank is a ready to use grill tank (commonly called a 20 lb propane cylinder) containing a net weight of 15lbs of propane that you purchase without exchanging a used grill tank. Since you are buying both the propane and the steel cylinder, the price is higher than an exchange purchase. If you do not have a propane grill tank already on hand for your device, you should order a spare tank.

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